Chris Christie joins Rural Power during Iowa tour

The Rural Power campaign continues to engage 2016 presidential candidates on the campaign trail in Iowa and across the nation. One candidate who has frequently visited with Rural Power advocates is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Last week Christie took the opportunity to kicko his weekend tour of Iowa by speaking to co-op leaders at the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives annual meeting.


Chris Christie Kicks Off Iowa Tour With Speech to Annual Meeting

On Friday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie visited wiDSC01559th co-op leaders at the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives’ annual meeting in West Des Moines, Iowa. Gov. Christie used this opportunity to expand on his ideas for ensuring safe, a ordable, and reliable power for all Americans and give Rural Power advocates a better understanding of what his priorities would be as president.

Speaking to a crowd of nearly 400 co-op leaders and dozens of local and national reporters, Christie began by speaking about how his home state of New Jersey has tackled the issue of providing a ordable power for all. While New Jersey is the nation’s third largest solar producing state, Gov. Christie told the audience that there is no one-size- ts-all solution.

Instead, Christie said he believes, “each state should be empowered by the federal government to pick the alternative energies that work best for them.” Christie also said he opposed imposing any new regulatory agenda “without regard to success or failure, without regard to cost, and without regard to what people want.”

Christie made the economic case for ensuring a ordable and reliable power across America, as he discussed the potential for new manufacturing jobs in the country as a ordable power makes the nation more competitive.

Christie also focused his speech heavily on national security. The New Jersey governor told the audience that “the president’s rst job is protecting the safety and security of the American people.”

Electric cooperatives and cooperative statewide organizations across the nation have extended an invitation to all presidential candidates to attend annual meetings and other events in order to better inform the millions of co-op member- consumers about their vision for America. Past interactions with candidates can be found online at or on Twitter @CoopRuralPower.

Coming Soon: Candidate Guide

To better inform member-consumers and cooperative leaders across the nation, the Rural Power campaign has requested all presidential candidates complete and return a brief survey on issues related to ensuring a ordable and reliable power for all Americans. While the Rural Power campaign will not endorse any candidate, survey results and other information from Rural Power’s interactions with candidates will be posted online ahead of the 2016 presidential caucuses and primaries.