Rural Power’s Voter Guide Reaches Iowa Caucus Goers

The Rural Power campaign continues to engage 2016 presidential candidates on the campaign trail in across the nation. Since the fall, Rural Power advocates in Iowa engaged every presidential candidate while they were on the trail again of last week’s Iowa Caucuses. Advocates attended over a hundred campaign events, in every corner of the state, to learn the candidates’ plans to ensure safe, affordable, reliable, and environmentally responsible power to all Americans. The Rural Power Campaign shows candidates that electric cooperatives and their member-consumers are actively engaged in this debate and serious about having a conversation on these issues.

Voter Guide

Ahead of the Iowa Caucuses, Iowa Rural Power advocates attended hundreds of campaign events to ask presidential candidates a simple question: What is your plan to ensure safe, affordable, reliable, and environmentally responsible electricity?

Taking their experiences on the campaign trail, and the public statements from candidates, Rural Power compiled the 2016 Rural Power Voter Guide to show caucus goers, the media, and other political observers where each candidate stands on the issue of affordable and reliable power. The voter guide includes examples of advocate interaction with all the candidates and is an excellent resource for voters in any state.

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Rural Power Media Campaign

To promote the 2016 Rural Power Voter Guide and showcase the tremendous effort of our grassroots advocates, Rural Power launched an aggressive media campaign in the weeks before the Iowa Caucuses. Candidate positions on Rural Power were highlighted through statewide radio advertising, a full-page advertisement in the Des Moines Register the day of the final pre-caucus Republican debate, and an extensive digital campaign.

Our paid media effort exposed hundreds of thousands of Iowans to the importance of electric cooperatives and encouraged them to get the facts before they participated in the caucuses.

Rural Power's full page ad in the Des Moines Register.

Rural Power’s full page ad in the Des Moines Register.

Next Up: Continued Rural Power Engagement

With Iowa behind us, Rural Power advocates across the nation are preparing to engage presidential candidates in 2016. Already, Georgia Rural Power has met with campaigns on the trail and advocates are eager to attend more events as we approach primaries and caucuses in their states. Stay up-to-date on the latest activity on our website, or on Twitter @CoopRuralPower.